Rudraa Cast is a professionally managed company Having highly qualified and experienced personnel's.

"In the tough, intensely competitive Global Market every little difference with your competitors can make big impact on bottom line". Keeping this important factor in the mind Indosourcing works very efficiently.

Rudraa Cast is located in coimbatore, Worlds fastest growing city which has enabled us to grow from Local Trading to International Market...

We are into import of Bulk Scraps of aluminium and LMS & HMS .We have a reputation for procuring / providing only the best. Our products carry a high profile in the International market because of the high quality commitment, which guarantees a seal of world-class quality product at analyzed economical prices with prompt response and timely delivery. We have a wide and respective clientele in Asia and other parts of the world.

As one of India's top commodities traders, Our experience is your competitive advantage.We deal mainly with scraps.

"In business you get what you want by giving other people what they want"

Products we deal:

  Steel Casting
  Iron Casting
  Aluminum Casting
  Rods & Plates (Iron & Steel)
  Construction Grills
  Ferrous & Non- Ferrous Scraps
  Commercial Ingots
  Aluminum Alloy Ingots
  Plastic and Rubber parts


  •   We make it easy.
  •   You and your professional team don't need to be Expertise to deal with one.
  •   Our commitment to you is to keep you well informed. You won't be treated like a mushroom.
  •   The right people, delivering practical solutions.
  •   Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.